Early stages

The first Jornos' showed themselves to the daylight in the early 70's. They evolved over time but still not enough to be as inteligent as a five year old. In the early stages of their evolution they had began to use worlds like 'gulu gulu' (meaning of this phase is still unknown to American scientists). People started to notice that they differ so tried to stay away for them. The very popular behaviour of them was addiction to new technology, e.g. computers and gaming machines. Although these people were highly addicted to video games they still were bad at them and only few completed a simple game because of their low IQ. Scientists beleive that Jornos' never had a chance to show off their best talents and video games because of the bad equipment that they were using, most of the time thinking that they had the best technologies at home in real life they had a Windows 1.0 when the newest version was already Windows XP.

Scientific point of view

Scientists have proven that the culture (now being reffered to 'Noobism') is just something wrong with a humans brain. The cell that is supposed to stimulate hormones has been found in the incorrect part of the humans toe and instead of stimulating hormones is now creating a aura around the human's brain which then inflicts on the human's learning in the early stage of their life where the child is supposed to learn to walk and correspond with other human beings independently.